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Managers with proven international experience in asset management and valuation of investment projects are attracted for the effective management of VENQUITY Progressive Capital AD. Some of them are Bulgarians who graduated in Western Europe and came back to Bulgaria to work here. Each of them is responsible for different investment fields and for choosing the companies that will gain equity or venture capital financing operating in that field. The managers control the utilization of resources, the development of the started projects and will support the management of the companies with management consulting and experience. Because of the relevant education and the huge professional experience of the management VENQUITY Progressive Capital AD will cleverly utilize the whole range of management methods in order to achieve success. VENQUITY´s management team also consists of a wide range of specialist with a solid background in the fields of financial management, engineering, product developers and etc.

The management of VENQUITY Progressive Capital consists of CEO and Board of Directors. The members of the Board have substantial theoretical and practical background in Finance, Investment and Entrepreneurship.