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Investment check list

In order to raise financing, the different stages of the project require bankable contracts which must also interface with each other:

  • LOI (preliminary contracts) from the suppliers for the quantities needed for the project;
  • LOI (preliminary contracts) from the purchaser of the produced product/-s and/or service/-s;
  • Construction and operation permits and licenses (if applicable);
  • Permits, licenses and approvals needed to complete the project (if applicable);
  • EPC contract;
  • O&M contract for operation and maintenance.

In case of already operating company:

  • Judicial status of the company;
  • Full information of the corporate management, history of the company, track record and background of the project owners;
  • Financial statements for the last 3 years at least;
  • Detailed list of the long-term assets and technologies that are used;
  • Invoices for the generated incomes and for the made expenses related with the activities to be financed;
  • Ownership documents for land, premises, etc. (if applicable);
  • Usage permit (if applicable);
  • All licenses and permits for the already operating activities (if applicable);
  • All state/regional regulations concerning the activities financed;
  • Pictures of the premises and the location
  • List of the project development costs.