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What we at VENQUITY Progressive Capital AD value most are our clients. We believe that in order for us to be successful, the relationship with our clients should be more than strictly business; we are doing our best to build equal partner relations based on mutual respect. Only then we will have achieved our goal to the fullest and will enjoy seeing our clients’ satisfaction.
We are confident that establishing not only business but also friendly relations with our clients and partners adds considerably to an even more successful cooperation. It is our friends who are familiar with our business and our problems and can offer us a better and more objective advice, can show us the right resolution for our problems, and thus to make it easier for us to overcome the today’s challenges.
In addition to the friendly relations with our clients and partners, we have to point out that VENQUITY Progressive Capital AD is one of the few Bulgarian companies that have adopted the Corporate Social Responsibility. We are deeply concerned for the people around us, as well as for the society as a whole. It is no chance that as a part of our long-term perspective we put an emphasis on youth’s problems and we do our best to create a good environment for them and their personal development because they are our future and we believe in it, and support them in every way we can.
Among our basic values are constant professional development; respect for the other, their opinion and independency; assuming only realistic arrangements; openness to our clients and partners; absolute confidentiality.