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Plasma waste transformation

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

Тogether with а Bulgarian partner VENQUITY Progressive Capital AD started work on the possibility for the development of a company that is specialized in energy generation through plasma waste transformation. The proposed technique was developed in Germany ten years ago and allows the recycling of all kinds of waste and by this the extraction of synthetic gas – a substitute for fossil fuels. Against the background of continuous shortage of raw materials this is a far better alternative than waste combustion. The project will be developed by a leader on the Bulgarian market in detoxicating dangerous waste for the last 5 years. The projected installation will be with a 5 tonnes per hour capacity at a 24hous work regime. This guarantees about 43 000 tonnes of plasma transformed waste annually. This stands for approximately 149 000 MW/h generated electricity per year.

Solar panels plant and solar park

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

Тogether with its Bulgarian partner VENQUITY Progressive Capital AD started preparing a business plan for the construction of solar panels plant. The overall business concept includes the purchase of a plot on which will be constructed solar parks. It is projected that the produced solar energy will be sold to the National Energy Company. According to the initial professional expertise, the whole process from the construction of solar panels to the energy generation is guaranteed. The eventual companies that will deliver the solar panels have already beeen chosen – they are one of the biggest solar panels constructors in Europe. The land necessary for the construction of the solar parks has also been provided. VENQUITY Progressive Capital AD is working on the provision of the necessary team of experts that will guarantee the proper and successful realization of the whole project.

Steam Generators

Tuesday, January 15th, 2008

The purpose of the project is the construction of four steam generators with total capacity of 240 gigaCalolie per hour. The facilities will be located on the territory of the city of Khimki. Khimki is situated on the ring road of Moscow, on the way between the Moscow city center and the airport of Sheremetievo.  The steam produced by the generators will be sold to the municipal heating central of the Khimki region. According to a Public Act, the newly built buildings in the area have to be integrated into the local grid and heating system. The total investment required for this project is 43 mln euros. Around 90% is needed from co-investor or a bank.

Bulgarian Financial Group

Monday, December 10th, 2007

The projected company is a new financial group that consists of a financial management company, an investment consultant, an equity investment fund and a risk and conservative investment fund. The company will be incorporated by VENQUITY Progressive Capital AD and by a huge media group in Bulgaria. The group will be an exclusive representative of worldwide famous private equity companies that offer private equity products and strategies. It will as well obtain exclusive rights for offering West European financial products in Bulgaria and the region. The projected group is expected to be the one of the main players on the Bulgarian stock exchange as well as the local fund markets.

Hybrid driving systems

Wednesday, August 8th, 2007

VENQUITY Progressive Capital AD realized its first equity investment in a Bulgarian company that works in the area of development and production of hybrid driving systems for different vehicles. For the moment the company has invested in the development of the first experimental specimens which are based on new driving systems. The new method is patented and the product is in testing phase. The company projects to develop in the future these hybrid systems in order to be used by different kinds of vehicles and leading mechanisms. The technology has the following advantages:

  • Unique speed controller;
  • Quicker start;
  • Better acceleration;
  • More powerful engine and battery;
  • Increased customer satisfaction.

At the moment the market for hybrid driving systems is extremely small due to the scientific insufficiency, the high construction price of any kind of driving technologies and due to the lack of legislation in this sphere. On the other hand, there is a huge shortage of such production capacity in the world market. That is why the company that will enter the market at this stage will become leader in a very fast developing sector that is in the EU’s good grace.

German construction company uses a new technology

Friday, July 6th, 2007

Our company intends to buy the greater part of the equity of a construction company in Germany. The company introduces a new technology for the cheapest but high quality ground buildings by using special panels. The idea is to obtain a balance between long life, economic effectiveness and environment preserving while solving the housing problem of million of people all over the world. The corporate mission of the German company is to project and produce up-to-date construction technologies and materials as well as to build low-cost homes for the millions poor people in the world. The company introduces a revolutionary technology for the production of panels from synthetic materials as jude, granite, resine and compressed polystyrene, used for many years for the construction of luxury yachts and wind enegry generators. The produced panels are a completely new material made of foam and covered on both sides with jude and impregnated with a granite resine. The so produced panel is water- and shock-proof. Together with the specific inside of the panels that resembles a honey-comb, the whole constuction presents a one-of-a-kind technology for quick and high quality construction of pontoons and ground buildings. The combination between granite resine and EPS makes the platform light. On the other hand, it has strength that equals the one characteristic for steel. The panels are suitable for the construction of all types of buildings – not only low cost houses but also blocks, luxury villas, hotels, offices, bridges, swimming pools, SPA centres, hospitals, warehouses, etc. The advantages of the new technology

  • low prime cost – from 35 to 160 euro per square meter;
  • extremely quick production time;
  • long life;
  • multifuncionality;
  • environment friendly product;
  • easy transportation and fitting without using crane;
  • very steady and earthquake resistent;
  • |possibility for 3 types of construction: steel, concrete and fibre glass;
  • nonflammable;
  • mobility;
  • very high thermal insulation;
  • no maintenance needed;
  • energy efficiency joinery;
  • available high quality heating systems, waste water recycling and gasification

At the present moment VENQUITY Progressive Capital AD searches for a private equity investor that will help us develop the company in an international level.

Ethanol industrial park

Sunday, June 10th, 2007

VENQUITY’s team focused its efforts on the development of a project for ethanol industrial park on the territory of Bulgaria. The idea of the present project is to incorporate and develop a project company for the construction of an installation for bio ethanol production with an own power plant unit. The aim of the project is to establish three stage activities that will allow the company to generate income at every stage and thus will make it utmost profitable.

The activities to be undertaken are establishing an industrial zone including energy block for steam & electricity, based on:

  • 3 cogeneration power units;
  • production block for ethanol;
  • DDGS and CO2;
  • logistics and storage area.

Project for biofuels production through waste recycling

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

VENQUITY Progressive Capital AD have already enlisted a new project company in its portfolio. The project company will be specialized in biofuels production through waste recycling. The new technology has already been used in Saudi Arabia and Brasil. This is the latest and up-to-date technology that optimizes the whole waste recycling and biofuel production process. The first waste recycling sites and biofuel production installations are planned to be located in Germany. Also we plan the introduction of the technology in Eastern Europe. Like most of our projects, this one is also at the beginning of its realization and is ready to be financed.

Biogas production is ready to launch

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007


This week the business plan for the deployment and operation of fifty biomass powеr plants was finalized. All of the conditions required for the start of the project have been met. A proof of the efficiency of the technology, which has been functioning since 2005, is obtained. Simultaneously, the supply of raw materials for the biogas production for the next few years has been provided. Under the renewable energy sources regulations in Germany, all of the energy generated in this way should be bought by the federal authorities. This project is at initial business start-up phase. All the major market possibilities and hazards have been identified and after a thorough assessment of the financial and marketing risks, the management team of VENQUITY considers the project very secure.