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VENQUITY Progressive Capital AD is a new private equity and venture capital company focused on managment and providing investments to seed projects and already operating companies in industries with high growth potential 대탈출 7화 다운로드. Our investment activities are orientated not only towards dynamic and prosperous enterprises but also towards companies that have unique competitive edge 영화 엘리펀트 다운로드.

VENQUITY Progressive Capital AD offers to the chosen companies and/or projects not only capital but also know-how, modern corporate practices, management practices and will be a stable partner sharing not only the profit but the risk as well 다운로드.

Together we focus on success, increasing the added value of your business, achieving rapid growth in revenue and profits, and building strong foundations for the longer term Asus live update download.

Our partnership approach is individual and personal. It starts during the due diligence process, as we prepare to invest and continues through our equity participation right up to the exit 다운로드. At each stage we help you to create a healthy and successful business with stable finance and excellent development perspectives.

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