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Combined cycle gas fired power plant

VENQUITY Progressive Capital AD began a feasibility study of a project for construction of a combined cycle gas fired power plant of two units of 128-140 MW each. The construction of the Thermo-electric Power Plant started a few years ago and was interrupted in 1990. The overall site of the power plant occupies a land area of 380 134sqm. All buildings are at a different construction stage. There is partly accomplished infrastructure, water-supply station, roads, landings and a temporary electric supply station.  The Investment Plan covers the expected economical performance related to the following combined enterprises:

  • Delivery, construction and commissioning the new gas fired turbines as in total 128 MW nominal power;
  • Capital investment of the new gas fired power plant based on modern gas fired unit;
  • Operation and maintenance of the new 128 MW power plant units on competitive market conditions;
  • At a future second stage  the new 128 MW power plant units will be developed on the north-east part of the premises, depending on finance and market conditions in early 2011.

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