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wind powerWind power plant

VENQUITY’s almost accomplished a project for the construction of 6 wind generators each with capacity of 2MW on the territory of South-West Bulgaria. The project includes a further extension of the capacity opportunity with at least 50MW in the same region. Due to the constant air streams and the non-forest relief the region is a perfect location for wind farming. A preliminary research with professional software and a 60m high mast was made and the measured average annual wind speed was 6.3m/s.  The construction works shall finish in 5-6 months and the generators shall work on full capacity by the end of 2009.


VENQUITY Progressive Capital AD realized its first equity investment in a Bulgarian company that works in the area of development and production of hybrid driving systems for different vehicles. For the moment the company has invested in the development of the first experimental specimens which are based on new driving systems. The new method is patented and the product is in testing phase. The company projects to develop in the future these hybrid systems in order to be used by different kinds of vehicles and leading mechanisms. Our technology has the following advantages:

  • Unique speed controller;
  • Quicker start;
  • Better acceleration;
  • More powerful engine and battery;
  • Increased customer satisfaction.


fuel shortageHybrid driving systems project

At the moment the market for hybrid driving systems is extremely small due to the scientific insufficiency, the high construction price of any kind of driving technologies and due to the lack of legislation in this sphere. On the other hand, there is a huge shortage of such production capacity in the world market. That is why the company that will enter the market at this stage will become leader in a very fast developing sector that is in the EU’s good grace.


plantGas fired power plant

VENQUITY’s team finishes a project for the purchase of a gas fired power plant electricity generation, steam and hot water production in Bulgaria. The idea is to purchase an existing and already working Power Plant with a small capacity and to develop further extention of the operating capacity. The Project is an ongoing business enterprise with an experienced management and an existing cash flow.