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Risk capital in Bulgaria

In Bulgaria there are several risk funds with experience that are familiar with economic and political environment in the country. However, the market risk capital for small and medium businesses in the country is at an early stage of development and has strong growth potential.

Despite the weaknesses of the Bulgarian market for acquiring venture capital, there are numerous opportunities before him. Venture capital is a unique means of raising funds for small and emerging companies and may become an effective instrument for the promotion and development.

Venture capital is an alternative form of investment and compared to other investments, offers more opportunities – no guarantees required; a fund manager is involved in the management of the financed company; up-to-date know-how and modern business practices are introduced; there is no need for stating successful financial history of the company and so on. Unique in nature, venture capital is not a subject to competition from other funding instruments. They can only complement it without excluding each other.